Updating Data in CSV file in athena

I have queried tables in athena and then used those tables to build out a dashboard in Quicksight. The original data is in CSV file stored in S3. I now have more data that is up to date. What is the best way to go about updating the CSV files and my tables? Do I have to requery every table and manually reupload the new updated files?

@isabella - I believe since you mentioned that you are querying the files via Athena, you have a glue database table configured on the S3 directory holding the files. If that’s the right assumption, please set up a schedule / event for a glue crawler to crawl every time a new file gets uploaded to that location so that the metadata remains updated. Once you ensure that you can use Athena Data Source in QuickSight to query the table. If you are using SPICE, then make sure that you set up the SPICE refresh frequency according to your requirement. Hope this helps!