Using a S3 bucket (containing 1 .xlsx) as Data Source

Good afternoon! I uploaded a .XLSX into a S3 bucket and would like to use the bucket as a data source for Q.

Can a manifest file specify a .xlsx for import? Here is my manifest json. How does it look?

    "fileLocations": [
            "URIs": [
    "globalUploadSettings": {
        "format": "XLSX",
        "containsHeader": "true"

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi Lin,

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Please refer to the below link for supported file formats. The documentation also provides samples for the s3 manifest files.

Alternatively, you can also upload your .XLSX file directly using the “Upload a File” option while creating a new dataset.


You might have to change it to be csv. I wrote a blog long time ago to auto change it: Ingest Excel data automatically into Amazon QuickSight | AWS Big Data Blog


so xlsx as a format is not supported via a manifest file, correct ?

I would like to request this to be a new feature to be supported.