Want to implement the user-base dashboard embedding with different logo

I successfully deployed the “Virtual Developer Workshop: User Based Embedding with QuickSight” video on Youtube. Wanted to use the Lambda package uploaded in the demo for a Proof of concept and needed to change the Logo.png in the content file (Lambda package) to a different logo.

However, after changing the logo and uploading the newly created zip file Lambda package, I get an error “missing authentication token” or sever error.
Is it impossible to make changes in the Lambda package. Please how can this be fixed.

Hi David,

The logo in sample embedded application can be replaced.

Please check the following.

  1. Does the new logo file have the same name? (ie - Logo.png)
    If not, either rename as Logo.png or edit the lambda_function.py file to reference the new logo file.

  2. Does the new zip folder you uploaded have the same folder structure as before?
    Creating new zip could have added an additional parent folder and that can mess up the file references.

If above checks (and remedies) doesn’t fix the issue, try reverting to the original zip and repeating the edit to ensure that no code files were inadvertently changed.

Another option, if you have the logo file available at a publicly accessible url, is to change the src of navbarLogo image directly in content/embed-sample.html after loading the original zip file.

Hope this helps.

Arun Santhosh

Hello Arun,
Thanks, was able to get it done using the navbarLogo option.

Please whats the easiest way to disable the embedded session view (i.e. prevent it form showing)