Way to make pdf files password protected or Proactively minimize error of sharing one brand data to another

We have developed a Marketing dashboard which is currently used by Category Managers where they will be sharing the performance metrics with Brands for optimized engagement in marketing avenues. In order to avoid sending one brand data to another, we wanted to understand a way to proactively nudge CMs or MMs and let then know about the brands they have selected while sharing it with Brands. We were wondering if any of the below is possible:

  1. Functionality in Quicksight dashboard where pop up about filter values selected will show up as they download the data
  2. Password functionality in pdf downloaded so only specific brand can open the dashboard with a given password.

Rather than sharing pdf’s (on which you don’t have any access control) you should share the dashboard directly with these managers from QuickSight. Then you can use Row Level Security to ensure each person only sees data for brands he is allowed to see. Using Row-Level Security (RLS) with User-Based Rules to Restrict Access to a Dataset - Amazon QuickSight

Additionally, if your dashboards should be completely segregated by brand, you could have dedicated datasets per brand and then use the quicksight api createDashboard/updateDashboard in order to create dashboard for each brand and assigning the to the corresponding brand specific datasets.

To add the suggestion above, the use of Row Level Security (RLS) above will also restrict the PDF document that gets generated and attached in the email.

In regards to your questions specifically:

  1. Pop up filters during download is currently not possible. The filter values applied are printed on the PDF generated. The filters / controls applied in the Dashboard will be used for the PDF that is downloaded.
  2. Since the PDF files that are generated are specific to the intended recipient, password protecting the PDF is currently not supported.