What happened to the "Style" menu / options?

I found this morning that the new UI broke a bunch of my analyses, but I found that if I switch back to the old UI, they still work. But now I’m realizing that any new analyses I create, even in the old UI, don’t let me get to any of the “Style” options under “Format” - basically the whole “Style” and “Placement” sections are gone. Note that the style option does seem to still show on older analyses I edit through the old UI.

This used to be a way to remove the background on text boxes so that you could make reasonable looking headers… otherwise text boxes look pretty bad. Is there something I’m missing or some fix?

I believe the “Style” options for text box are visible only in the Free-form layout. With the new experience the placement and style are moved into “Display Settings”. Can you please check updating the sheet layout in settings in the new UI and see if you can see the options?

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 1.20.52 PM


Thank you - yeah - just found that! So yes, the options do show up in the new UI when I switch to a freeform layout. I don’t know if it’s useful feedback for the team, but it seems odd that I can’t change the background color of a textbox when using a tiled layout. In fact, for text boxes, I would actually default them to having no background color or border at all.

Not sure if there is a way today to change the background color or border for text box, will check with the relevant team or see if there is an open feature request.