When can we expect symbols and buttons in quicksight?

As per other BI tools, we can easily import symbols. For example, I’m showing total number of calls. a phone call symbol we can attach in the same visual. can we expect this in future.

Hello Kiran,

I do not think there is an option to import symbols yet but may be you are looking for similar approach as mentioned in the old post

Hope this gives some idea and insight to your need.


Thanks for this. I’m referring to the visual. for example, please check the highlighted part in the snapshot:

Hello kiran,

May be you could achieve it using free-form layout approach. where you could bring these icons as image and populate the data accordingly for extremely attractive visuals

You can can see a demo here https://democentral.learnquicksight.online/#Dashboard-DashboardDemo-CitiBike

Fore more info on free-form layout -Customizing visuals in a free-form layout - Amazon QuickSight

Hope this gives some idea.