When creating visuals, how do i stop them from only displaying "top 50"

On alot of my visuals where it is based on one field, it restricts it to only showing the top 50. How do i get it to show all the data instead?

See below visual for example, had to hide the field names.


Hi @HarveyB-B,
whicht visual type? Tree map?

A vertical stacked bar chart, with only 1 bar in the visual

i guess you can not stop it but you can adjust (up to the limit)


where can i change this?

in the format area e.g. x-axis at the bottom

i think the reason is because when i group it, the amount of groups able to be shown is limited to 50. So if i group by cases (which is thousands), it can only show 50. Therefore all the data is displayed, just the groups are limited - if that makes sense