Why there is less String functions available as compared to other visualisation tools and even key features are missing?

I am really wandering that Quicksight is having less function available for string. The very basic function which can also be applied on string is min and max to ease the calculations. But unfortunately we don’t have them in place for string that’s weird. Please open up library of more functions , row_number, ntile, etc are also needed, aggregation over string is also possible think from that perspective, all competitor be it Tableau or Google Data Studio or Looker all have those functionalities available. I had to manually customise the entire relation an have had to write the custom SQL for that small function, which could be easily enabled. I am not getting why is it hard to understand the basic users’ expectation for quicksight?

Hi Shubhashish. We appreciate the feedback about the functions you would like to see in QuickSight. I’ll pass this along to the appropriate team. We are constantly looking to improve and understand what our customers are looking for so this will help influence what we build in the future