Would it be possible to show a month in a chart even if it has no data?

I’m developing a dashboard, in which in a specific chart, I need to show the data count throughout the year. However in some months I didn’t have data and there are future months of 2022 also in which I still don’t have data. So when I’m creating a pivot table, it shows me the month-to-month progression only in the months that have data (skipping the ones that don’t), but I need the table to show me month-to-month even if I don’t have data.

For example, only appears: Jan, Feb, Apr, May, Jun, July - (2022)

As for the reality, I need you to show me: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec - (2022)

There is any way that I can do it?

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For missing dates, yes.
Format Visual > X Axis > Show Date Gaps

For future dates, I think it’s more complicated. I’m not aware of a way to set an upper limit on the X Axis that is beyond the scope of the dataset. You could however insert 1 record into your data with your desired date and otherwise null values. I do not recommend this approach though.

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Great! Thanks.

This is only applicable to a chart, in a pivot table that wouldn’t be possible, right?

Seems so, if you wanted it in a pivot table you would need to get nulls or 0s in your data for the gap dates.

I tried to think of the following logic: if my date values ​​are empty, return “0”. However, an error appears in the formula

Hi @pedrohro. Data in a pivot is limited to the existing data in your dataset. I would recommend adding dummy data for the dates that are missing into your raw data prior to adding it as a dataset.