YTD Total is appearing incorrect in Quicksight

Hi All,

I have calculated YTD Units as periodToDateSumOverTime(sum(Units), {Reporting Date}, YEAR) and it’s showing correct values within each dimension (e.g. Gifting Experience, Reporting Date) but when I’m clicking on Show totals for rows, the YTD values shown (under Total) are incorrect (from Q1’2022 onwards) due to which YTD-YoY% is also appearing incorrect under Total. Please see the below screenshot. The same is happening if I change the Reporting Date to Monthly granularity. Please help me understand why is this happening and how can I rectify it? Am I doing something wrong or Am I missing something here?

Hi @chabbils

Thanks for providing your feedback . Looks like Total on YTD columns are not resetting after every year instead its getting rolled up till the last available quarter ( Q1-2021 to Q4-2022) .

Let me check further on any workaround and will create a internal ticket .