A general SQL error while refreshing- Error setting/closing connection: Connection refused


We have put our dataset to daily full refresh schedule. But once in a while like twice a month, refresh gets failed with Error-
This is a general SQL error. This can be caused by query timeouts, resource constraints, unexpected DDL alterations before or during a query, and other database errors. Check your database settings and your query, and try again.

Source error message:

Amazon Error setting/closing connection: Connection refused.

Needed your help to know the reason for this and how can we fix this and make sure it doesn’t happen in future?

I have opened a ticket internally with the team to look into the issue. Some one from the team should reach out to you for follow-up questions. Thank you!

Please let us know if there is any update on this

Can you create a AWS support ticket with information like region and dataset id? This looks like an issue specific to the underlying resources in question. E.g. query timeout in database side. We cannot tell much from available information. Once we get more detailed info, we can go from there.