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Can I add and modify mouseover tooltips in the dashboards? I’m aware of the option to enhance tooltips in certain graphs, but I’d like the ability to input my own text for tooltips and apply this to other visuals as well, like tables.

thank you

Hello @shirakoresh , I know a way you can modify tooltips to display a custom label as well as removing the name of the field so only the custom label will display. This can be helpful for fields that are not human readable or won’t make sense to the user.

You will dropdown the tooltip section after selecting the pencil icon on the visual you are editing, and then select detailed tooltip in the dropdown.


If you select the 3 dots on the right you can click “Edit” and update the label name to the one you want to show. Then if you want to remove the field name you can unselect the checkbox for “Use primary value as title”. As for some visuals like tabel, if there is not a tooltip option within the edit selection you will not be able to add or update the mouse over display. I hope this helps!

Hello @shirakoresh !

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Hello @shirakoresh !

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Hey, this looks like a partial fix, but I guess that’s all we can do for now. I’ll jot down the rest as a request. Thanks!