Analyses and Dashboard. How to manage it?

Hello everyone, could you help me, please? I’m looking to understand the relationship between Analytics and Dashboard. My question is: How to identify which Dashboard comes to which Analytics? More… If I need to change something in a Dashboard, I have made many changes in the Analysis that gave rise to that Dashboard. How do I initiate my changes from the Dashboard as it currently is?

Hi woliveiras,

In regards to your first question, there is no native flag to describe what Dashboard comes from which analysis. I’m marking it as a feature request.

The only way you can do it now is by going through each analysis, clicking “publish dashboard”, and then checking to see if you can replace the dashboard in question. That will allow you to see what dashboard is linked to that analysis. This is also the answer to your second question.

If you make a change at the analysis level you can click publish and there will be an option to say “Replace an existing dashboard”. This option will only be available if you have access that dashboard. If you can replace it then that is how you update dashboards.

Let me know if that helps!


Hi Max, thanks for your explanation.
You answered me, and it will be great to have this feature in the future. Imagining the situation below:

Analysis A - Features A and B
Publish a Dashboard with A and B features (comes from Analysis A)
Changing Analysis A - Features A, B, C and D
I wanna publish a new Dashboard just with features A, B and D (comes from Analysis A)

The main problem is: I have made many changes in my Analysis A, and I do not know how it will impact my Dashboard. The primary purpose is: how to change the published Dashboard. (assuming that I have already made several changes in the analysis).

Thanks for your support.