Cant't find my dashboard in Anlyses after publishing

Hi everyone, I published a dashboard from Analyses to Dashboards category, and then add one as coworker. Then something wired is that, after doing this, I can’t find the dashboard in Analyses category but only Dashboards, which means I can’t edit it now. does anyone know how to fix it? thanks

Hi @yidansun, this question may be difficult to answer through the community forum. I will message you privately to discuss possible solutions.

Hi Yidansun,

I assume you and Bhasi were able to get to the bottom of this.

Adding few points here to help others who might chance on this post.

  • When you start building an analysis from a dataset, the default name is of the analysis is <dataset name> analysis.
  • Publishing a dashboard from analysis puts a read only view of the analysis (ie - dashboard) into dashboards section.
  • Sharing a dashboard with another user/group with co-owner rights will give them full access on the dashboard - They can delete the dashboard and can update it as well if they have access to the underlying analysis.
  • Sharing a dashboard shouldn’t impact your underlying analysis (ensure you are looking for the right analysis name and not dashboard name).
  • If analysis is shared with another user/group (co-owner is the only share mode available as of now), they will be able to rename/update/delete/potentially revoke your access as well.
  • If an analysis was deleted, your QuickSight admin will be able to locate it in list-analyses API output and restore it using restore-analysis API call.

I’m marking this as solution to your issue for now. If above said didn’t apply to your issue, feel free to add more context and remove the solution flag.

Arun Santhosh

Thanks for your response, Arun! Really helpful

Hi everyone, I have a problem finding the analysis after I have published the dashboard. It was a way to test embedding the dashboard in our system. It worked but now I should make changes in the dataset and analysis but I can’t find the analysis anymore. I really hope I don’t need to start from scratch. Anyone can help?