"Analyze Contributions" feature on Quicksight right-click menu - can I specify which fields are used?

What needs to be in place in a visual for the “analyze contributions to” feature to come alive? For example, it’s available on some charts but not others.

Only some fields from the dataset are displayed, why not all of them? Why not the calculated fields?

Do we have to turn on anything to enable/disable these insights?

Hi @AengusO - Contribution analysis should be available on any line chart or bar chart, but is not currently supported on tables, for example. Can you share more details about the charts on which you’d expect to find the contribution analysis option but are not seeing it?

Fields must be dimensions to be used in contribution analysis. Can you also share more details about the fields you’d expect to be available to add as contributors but are not seeing?

Nothing needs to be explicitly enabled.

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I think that answers my question, thanks

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