How to turn off this “Analyze contributions” option in the visual?

I’m looking for settings to turn off this “Analyze contributions” option in the visual. We don’t want to expose this feature to the end users. Could someone point me the way to turn off the “Analyze contributions” option?


There is not currently a way to turn this off

@agmayan can make a note of the request for admins to turn off certain features for end users. @Anbu_Selvan why do you not want end users to see this?

@Anbu_Selvan who is target persona for this ? author or admin

Hi @agmayan - The target persona for whom we want to turn off this feature is QuickSight Reader. Specifically… Readers accessing dashboards via embedded web UI.

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@Anbu_Selvan sorry, i meant who will have the permission to turn this on/off? Admin or author?

Hi @agmayan – Ability to turn off by Authors would be nice but Admin capability to turn off is sufficient for my current use case.

I would like to +1 this feature as we do not want this feature to be exposed to our embedded dashboard viewers.

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