Can I enable my dashboard reader to choose which field to 'Sort By' on horizontal bar chart visual?

I have a stacked bar chart visual with two fields in the value field well. My issue is that the ‘sort by’ option is static - when a dashboard is published the reader cannot select which value field they would like the chart to be ‘sorted by’ despite this being possible with a pivot table, for instance.

This is problematic because I have, through a combination of parameters and calculated fields, enabled my readers to choose whether they want to view both value metrics, or just one of the two within the bar charts. What undermines this interactivity however, is that the user cannot alter the field that the visual is sorted by.

For instance, in the image attached below, the reader might make a selection in a control to view only “HLR LS Success” in the horizontal bar visual yet, they would unfortunately find that the horizontal bars have been sorted according the values of “HLR LS FAILED”.

Is there any possibility that the AWS QS development team might add the ability for the reader to choose which field they would like a horizontal bar chart to be sorted by in the future?

I’ll mark this as a feature request for the team to take under consideration. Thank you