Order stacked bar chart from largest to smallest eje y


I want to sort a bar chart in which the values are from 1 to 5 and I want it to appear from 1 to 5 independently of the total value of those values.

orden grafico

Hi @Raulsc, Yes we can achieve this by using Custom Sort in QuickSight.

Please find below where I am trying to replicate your query with my datasets.

Default Sort available in QuickSight

After Custom Sort in QuickSight

For achieving this above solution ,
Step -1
First we need to create one calculated field as,
Custom Sort -Calc and put the serial number for the field data as per requirements.


Step -2
Then you go to your default chart that is Horizontal Bar Chart and for getting the manual sort option we need to convert it as Vertical Bar Chart then once we put the custom sort then you can convert again with Horizontal Bar Chart.

Go to x-axis select the Education dropdown then sort by and select Custom Sort - Calc


Step -3
Then sort by as the Custom Sort - Cal field & aggregation as Min** and click Apply button.

If you need in more details please go through this solutions.


Yes this is the manual sort/custom sort.



Its the solution!
Thanks you!