Can we compare two tables from two different datasets or even from same dataset


Is it possible to compare data from two tables which are from two different datasets or, even from same dataset?

expected results:
if data from table 1 is different than that of table 2 then, table 2 row should be highlighted.

Does anyone know if this feature is supported?
Any help on this issue is much appreciated :slight_smile:


Thanks for reaching out here. There isn’t a built-in capability that would make this possible. Can you share some more details about your scenario?


If you want to compare you would first need to join them to the same dataset.

For it to be highlighted of a difference you would need to add some logic. Essentially you would have four columns I’m assuming, colA_1, colB_1, colA_2, colB_2. They would each be from two datasets. Then if you want to check it like such you would make a calculate field that goes like such.

ifelse(colA_1=colA_2 AND colB_1<>colB_2,‘Highlight’,‘No Highlight’)

Then you would add conditional formatting to the table to check for a highlight.