Can't publish to existing Dashboard even though I'm co-owner

I’ve checked & double checked that my account is listed in Dashboard permissions as co-owner yet I am still unable to publish to the existing dashboard.

Any ideas why> What should I try now?

What error do you see when trying to publish?

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No error, I just am not given the option to publish to existing dashboard, only able to publish as new dashboard

Hi donkelly,

As of today (27-Feb-2023), when publishing from the UI, only the original analysis (from which the dashboard was initially published) is allowed to update the dashboard. So, if you saved an analysis copy from the dashboard, you can’t publish over the existing dashboard from that analysis copy.

You have the following options.

  • Get the owner to share the original analysis with you and use that to publish further changes over existing dashboard.


  • If dashboard id getting changed is not an issue (ie - you haven’t embedded the dashboard, shared deep links with users etc), you can publish a new dashboard with a v2 suffix (QuickSight will let you use the same name but adding a v2 will let you easily tell them apart), then share it will same set of users & groups as original dashboard, delete (or rename) original dashboard and rename the new dashboard to drop the v2.
    Renaming dashboards can be done via another publish from analysis.


  • If you have API access, use the update-dashboard and update-dashboard-published-version APIs to publish over the existing dashboard from your analysis copy (The restriction that I mentioned above is not enforced in API layer).

I’m marking this response as solution to your question. Please let us know if you have more questions.

Arun Santhosh

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