Unable to replace existing dashboard

I was added as a co-owner of an analysis, along with all the required datasets. However, when I try to push updates to the existing published dashboard, I’m not able to select any existing dashboard at all; the option seems to be disabled.

Hello @cbz, this could be related to one of 2 issues.

Either you do not have permissions on that specific dashboard to replace it. This is not a permission that is automatically granted when you gain permission to the analysis that the dashboard was published from.

It could also be related to the updates in the analysis. If the underlying datasets used in the analysis or the visuals changed too drastically you may not be able to replace the current production dashboard, and you may need to publish a new version.

Let me know if this helps resolve your issue!

Hello @cbz, did my response help you resolve your issue in QuickSight? If so I can mark it as a solution!