Clustered Bar Combo Chart with Dynamic Drill Down on X-axis date field

I have a Clustered Bar Combo Chart with the x-axis containing a date field.
I want that the user can make drill down/up between Year/Month/Day.
I know that the visuals comes with the option to do it with a single click on the visual. But on the bars/lines I have calculated field that based on a Control the user can select YEAR/MONTH/DAY. The idea is that this contol could control the drill down, is there a way to do that?

As example:
I have on the bars the sum of sales, on the lines the growth (calculated field using periodOverPeriodPercentDifference but with dynamic period (month/year/day) and dynamic offset used for the calculation)… with controls the user can define what they want to compare… Monthly comparison vs previous month or vs 2 months before,…

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Hello @Daniel15 !

From what you’ve described, it sounds like you would like your visualization to drill down on a Month/Year/Day basis while simultaneously filtering out other data points. For example, the visualization would drill down + filter to only show the user the sum of sales for June compared to May or sum of sales for 2023 compared to 2022. Is that correct?


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More or less, in this case as explained I will show sum of the sales in bars, plus the growth versus previous period. The growth analysis will be on a monthly/weekly/daily analysis based on user selection. Same for the visual.
I want to avoid user needing to filter twice: 1 throught the control and 2 also on the visuals. In the end I want to avoid user’s confusion if they dont apply the same rules in the visual and the control (for the growth calculation). If this happens the visual wont show the growth correctly.

@Daniel15 Is your calculated field with the drill down for Month/Week/Day on the X-axis field well for your clustered bar chart?

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On the x-axis I have the date (Month/Week/Day) on the bars I have the sum of sales and in the line I have the calculated field with growth vs previous period

@Max Do you have any suggestions on this? My thought is to make sure that the both X-axis and the Line field wells have calculated fields that include the drill down parameter so that it all relates back to the time period designated by the parameter when the user filters it.

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for that, the other calculated field need to be order_date but with 3 different formats (month/week/day). If i can do that so that the other calculated fields accepts it, could be a solution.
Any suggestion for this…specially with the week


@Daniel15, refer switch aggregation example on democentral that switches date aggregation on a line chart using a starting date parameter and a calculated field. You can use similar approach with the combo chart as well.
Let us know if this helps you solve your problem by marking this as a solution.


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Yes, I had this already. The point is that this solution you mention is not valid for the calculated field for growth, its not providing the expected date field.

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