Drill down on Date field

Hi all,
I am using quicksight to show trends on certain data. It is written in documentation that quicksight automatically provides drill down on time granularity whenever we put a date field.It is not happening in my case ,is there a way to explicitly create drill down on date field ??


Can you provide an example of what type of visual you are using and confirm that your field is marked as a date? For example, I just created a line chart and set the Year as the aggregation level and was able to drill down into quarters and days by using using the commands available on the data points.

Hi, just for example I made a barchart and have a date field on the x axis (yes I can confirm it is a Date type and not a string or text) , in the field well I am able to change the aggregation level but there is no drill down or up arrow in the side menu where it generally is .Sorry did not understand what u mean by commands available on the data points. Do I need to do something for that drill down to explicitly appear ?

If you have a timestamp field on the x axis then you should be able to click on the bar and this will pop up.

There are abilities to drill down to hour or drill up to week in my case.