Conditional formatting based on Row security level?

I would like to show for 1 audience the conditional formatting like

100-90 green
70-90 orange
<70 red

For one client,

while for other client
100-95 green
70-95 orange
<70 red

HOw do I do that?

Hi @remba87, can you please elaborate the usecase. Because I see in the title you mentioned Row Security Level and then in the description you are talking about Conditional Formatting for different clients. I would like to understand, id the different client is user or customer. and how are you tying this to RLS. Currently, you would not be able to tie this with RLS, You will have to use 2 different tables and using conditional rules and parameters will have to show or hide a different table in free form layout. This is based on what I am understand, please add more context so that we can address your question with a better answer.


Hi @Srikanth_Baheti,

thank you for your answer!

Ho do I implement conditional rules according to the email/group of the person who is looking at the dashboard?

I did some test: I created a parameter for the conditional rules, but then I do not know how to make that parameter change according to the client/group that is looking at the dashboard.

So far I was only able to create the parameter, change it by myself and then I could see the different visuals appearing and vanishing

thank you

Hi @remba87

You would set up dynamic defaults.