Controls not showing

Hi QuickSight Community,

I am experiencing very strange behavior. After saving the dashboard the filters in Controls section are not displayed. Instead a red tick icon is displayed. I have no idea what is causing this error. The control section was working correctly. I haven’t done any changes to the controls but suddenly they disappeared and icon showed up instead:

Thank you for any advice!

Hello @dkrzl, welcome to the QuickSight community! My first thought is that it might have something to do with RLS related to that dashboard. Another thought, did you build the controls directly with a filter or did you build controls through a parameter that controls how your visuals are filtered?


Hi @dkrzl, Please share additional details requested by @DylanM.


Hello @dkrzl, I will go ahead and archive this topic. If you have any other questions regarding the issue you were facing here, feel free to post a new question so you will be back at the top of our priority list to respond!