Countif on Excel table

Hi, I’m really new to quicksight. I have an excel report that is uploaded to a dataset as below. I track whether each user has completed each course & I want a dashboard to represent the progress.
How do I create a calculated field to give me the total number of Y in the table below?

Hi @padraigg
as you said you could use countif and create a new field


Hi Erik, how do I present the array or table of data to the countIf function? Do I have to process the data column by column?

Best way to handle the data would be to have the data in a row instead of column based file.

Course,User,Value,(maybe numeric value)

You could use the QuickSight automatic aggregation or count function and maybe don’t need a calculated field.

Thanks for that Erik. I think you’re right, I need to present the data to the dataset row based otherwise I will have something like the below and the dashboard will need to be edited every time I have a new user added


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