Creating a Dual-Axis Scatterplot in Quicksight to Compare Actual vs Scheduled Time


I have a visual in Tableau that is a scatterplot where we compare one dimension with two calculated fields. Our goal is to compare the actual time vs. the scheduled time for a particular person (dimension). In Tableau, we achieved this by using two calculated fields separately and then opting for a dual axis. This allows us to see both the scheduled time and the actual time for that single dimension.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the Tableau visualization for reference.

Question : Is it possible to create a similar visualization in AWS Quicksight, where we can use a dual axis to compare two calculated fields for a single dimension? If not, are there any workarounds or alternative methods to achieve this in Quicksight?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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A Nitish Reddy

Hi @Nitish_reddy ,

I see two topics here, you need a dual axis, and you want a gantt chart. Both features are not available in quicksight yet. Both are great #feature-request .

Lets talk about possible workarounds.
To receive a gantt chart, you can use stacked bar charts, meaning you fill the empty space between with bars and hide them by giving them the background color. For a more detailed description:

Next step issue is the dual axis. What you can do is overlay two charts in your dashboard. Make sure the scale of your axis is the same.

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Hi @Nico ,
I tried to do possible work around but not able to get the desired result.

as you said Gant chart addition came as a feature request and it was going to be added in 2022, So do we have any news that it has been added or something?

Hi @Arpit6075 ,

It was not me, who talked about 2022. Tatyana_Yakushev wrote it MIGHT BE added. Unfortunately the Gantt chart has not been released till now. What you can do: create a new post in this community and ask again for the feature. This helps the quicksight dev team to adjust the roadmap.

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Thanks you Nico for your suggestion.

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