Creating a parameter from a visual action

I know how to create a control and tie it to a parameter to be used in titles, footnotes, etc. I also know how to create a visual that has an action to filter other visuals on the dashboard. Is there a way to set the value of a parameter based on the action generated when the visual is selected? For example, if I have a table of customers with sales and revenue metrics, and I add a visual to show the individual customer metrics from the table selection, can I modify the title to contain a “<> Sales”? Thanks!

Yes, you can do that but you need to use a navigation action. You can select the parameter that you want to set and the field where you want the parameter value to come from.

If you don’t want to take the user to another sheet, the trick is to set the target sheet to be the same as your source sheet.

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This worked beautifully for setting the parameter, but I lost the ability to filter the visual that I just changed the title on? Is there a way to do both?

Thanks, Stuart

Can you upload a screenshot showing how you created your filter? Does the filter use the same parameter?


Thanks, David…I have it figured out. I was trying to use a Visual Action to automatically filter the subsequent Visual, so I changed to a normal filter. Thanks again!


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