Creating Filled maps based on Shape Files

I’ve been attempting to plot Canadian Regions/districts, so far I have had success with only the points on a map option. I am aware Quicksight supports only US geos for Filled map visuals; though there are tools like Power BI and SAS VA, that have Shape file alternatives to display region boundaries on the map. Is there a similar functionality available in Quicksight? Any help/suggestions would be appreciated

Hi @Ops_Expert - QuickSight supports at least the Province level with filled maps for Canada. Make sure you add your field into a Geo Hierarchy in the data prep screen and can set the country to Canada. I tried with a subset of them and it worked.

What is the specific type of geography you are trying to plot?

The product team has plans to allow for custom shapefile uploads in the future but unfortunately I cannot comment on dates in this forum.

Nice! It’ll work for one of my requirements. Yay!
However, we are trying to club several districts between provinces, I guess we will need shp files to do so.
You mentioned it would be achieved in the future, so I guess this’ll work for now

On Attempting to populate the Canadian Filled Map, the Map remains unchanged. Are there specific Province CDs/IDs/Abbreviations I need to define, to be able to successfully map the regions like you did above? Image below gives the Filled map with the Province Labels

In your data set, make sure you have the right kind of geographic data type assigned, and then add it to a Geographic Hierarchy and set it to a single country (Canada), or tie it to your country field if you have multiple countries in your data.

Pick ‘State’:

Then add to geo hierarchy: