Cross Sheet Timestamp Range Filter

Hi there,
I am attempting to build a dashboard with a ‘Date Picker - Range’ type filter, which applies across multiple tabs.
I am aware of how to apply filters across tabs by using a combination of parameters and controls, but I cannot see a way to have the control use multiple parameter values(to be able to select between the two).
Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this? Besides combining two filters next to each other.


This cannot be done with the Range filter. You can do it with two parameter’s and do an in between filter.

Hi Max, I cannot see that as an option on my Control? I can use that option on filters, but not for Controls, which I think is what is required in this instance for cross-tab filtering.

You would make two parameter’s. Start Date and End Date and then have two controls. One that controls the start date and the other that controls end date.

This would be consistent across tabs if based on a parameter.