Custom SQL Data Integrity Issue

When creating datasets with Custom SQL options, if the tables contains columns with names as “status”, “message”, “expire_date” then there is issue with data and not all rows gets imported. Issue with Data Integrity? What is the solution for it?

SELECT `expiry_date`, `message` , `state`,`status` FROM `table_name`

why these “status”, “message”, “expire_date” shows in blue colour as SQL syntax keywords ?

The Skipped Rows error summary should be able to provide further information to identify what went wrong. See Troubleshooting skipped row errors - Amazon QuickSight


The column names for example “status” , “message” , “expiry_date” will not cause an issue when query the database.


But in our case if we remove “status” , “message” , “expiry_date” we are getting whole data.

when we have “status” , “message” , “expiry_date” it is not importing all data and there is no skipped rows in QuickSight. Something fishy!

Can you let me know why it is coloured blue as SQL keyword.

JFYI: when we have “status” , “message” , “expiry_date” we are also getting rows but what i mentioned is we are not getting whole data.

Have you tested the same query outside of QuickSight? do you get the result? is it that only in QuickSight, are you not getting the data for those columns? can you also please share what is the data source type that you use?
Highlighting syntax in blue is mostly for reserve keywords in sql language. Not sure why columns are getting highlighted.

Hi @basil-ygag. Has this been resolved? If so, please help the community by marking the appropriate post as “Solution”. If you still need assistance, please provide additional detail. Thanks!