Dashboard and Email Default Filters Different

Hi All,

Trying to setup email reports and having issues. When my test user logs into a dashboard their default view is to have all filters showing all data… but when the email is triggered I noticed that it is setting filters to NULL instead?

The filters are all Parameters with “Dynamic Defaults” set. Most defaults are empty, which when I log into the dashboard defaults to ALL which is the desired behavior.

Is the maybe a different behavior in email reports?

Why do you need dynamic default? Can you try making it a static default value of all?

This might be causing an error because the dynamic default is checking against who is logged into quicksight at the time and then populating that value based on the user.

In this case, no one is logged in. They are receiving an email so it might not be able to populate with this logic.

Hi Max.

I actually was able to solve this. Required to update the Parameters “Reserved Value” from the Recommended value to “Null”.

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