Dashboard is inaccurate while dataset is being refreshed


I have an issue where users do not realize that the dashboard is being refreshed and they use wrong data.

Is there a way where the dashboard keeps static/preveous data unitl the dataset has not finished for being refreshed.

Currently I am using a banner but is a manual process.
Is there an authomatic soultion were at least the dashboard can output a message when being refrehed.

Thank You.

assume the case is using SPICE, when the dashboard is refreshing in progress, user accessing “Dashboard” will still see the previous image of SPICE data.

Do you see a different behavior? can I confirm if user is accessing dashboard or analysis?

Is there a way to set an authomatic window that tells them that the dashboard/dataset is being refreshed?

The risk is that they use old data.

A common way is to put a time stamp showing the last update date of the data.
When you create a dataset, you can use function now() to create a calculated field and display in dashboard
Ref: Now - Amazon QuickSight