Dashboard shows "No data" for a few minutes on several occasions

Hi team,

One of my QS dashboard at times breaks showing “no data” (see pic); this lasts only a handful of minutes and then goes back to normal.
Although since this dashboard is used almost continuously during the day to make decisions it is annoying and results in interruptions for the viewers’ operations and SIM tickets raised.
This was not seen to happen until recent weeks.
What is the cause? Is there a fix?


Hi @hoxhandi
is it possible that a dataset refresh is running in background?

Hi Erik,

There is an incremental refresh of the dataset every 15 mins, but this issue is not seen every time the data refreshes, it happens only a few times per week randomly.

hi @hoxhandi

would you be able to see how long it is taking roughly for each refreshes from the refresh history on the UI? you don’t see any longer processing time during the recent weeks?

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Hi @hoxhandi - Welcome to AWS QuickSight community and thanks for posting the question. I agreed with @ErikG @Wakana , please validate the refresh time of your incremental data and looks like it took more time and there may be a collision between data refresh and data access and next schedule refresh as well. Share a screenshot of the all past refreshes period ( in particular where there is an issue ).

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hello @hoxhandi !

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