Dashboard sizing tips

Hi all,

I’m needing some help with creating a dashboard and the relative sizing in the analysis phase compared to when the analysis is published.

I’m currently using the Classic setting and finding that whilst the tables, graphs etc. fit nicely in the analysis page, they expand a great deal when published - this causes the dashboard to be quite large and leads to a lot of empty space when viewing on a large screen (24 inch), but when viewed on my laptop, the view is more condensed.

Does anyone have any guidlines or best practice for sizing in the build/design phase to publising?


This used to be a huge issue for me and my team.

The best tip I can give you is to go to settings on the top left and set the sheet layout to “Tiled” and then select the default px.

Thanks to this, we can easily use different screen sizes and set up reports that always come out nicely.

I addition to @mateoleon210 's recommendation, I suggest making sure that you maximize your window and minimize the vertical menu on the left side of your screen.

@mateoleon210 and @todd.hoffman - thank you very much for the reply. It seems like it just takes some playing around with and getting used to.

@todd.hoffman - not exactly sure I follow - are you able to share a screen snip of what you mean? Do mean in the settings pane?

Another question - is there a way I can limit the depth/lenght of the dashboard to ensure it would fit on a pdf export page? So if I had three sheets in the dashboard, i would effectively create three sheets in a pdf report, without the data running over pages (i.e half a table at the bottom of one page and top of another)?

Any help appreciated.

I’ve attached two screenshots. The first shows the menu open and the second shows the menu minimized. When you minimize the menu you get a much better representation of how the dashboard will display.

To answer your second question, when you print or download as a PDF the visuals will not split. As far as knowing how much you can fit into a page you really just need to play around a bit to see what fits for your needs.

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