Data is restricted when applying RLS

Hi, I have developed a dashboard with RLS. However, only me can see the data (under RLS rule) but the other teammate could not be able to view their data (showing data is restricted), even though I already set up the rule for him. Want to consult what’s the possible route cause and how to address this issue?

I would check if the data you teammate would like to see are the same you grant access.
Without any screenshots or something it is hard to tell. “RLS isnt define right, you already know” :wink:

Hi @xxzhang -
Did you resolve your issue? If not, could you please provide more details/screenshots for us to help resolve? Thanks!

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hi Erik,

thanks for your reply. after double check, i found the column name doesn’t match which made the RLS not work. thanks again!

resolved, thanks so much!

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