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I added the date as a filter to the dashboard, and pinned the filter to the top so that users could choose any dates that are interested in. However, after I add the filter to the dashboard, I have to select a specifc time frame as a default data range. such as past 1 year, past 10 year.

My questions is, is there a way to display all date by default? Without selecting a specific time range or past n year/month?

Hi @irinaaaaa ,

To accomplish this, I’ve set the date range in the filter to the very start of the data (which I already know and won’t change), but end it with a rolling value of today:

You can also use a rolling value for the start date, if that’s more applicable.

Hope that helps.


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Hello @wstevens01,

Thanks for the solution; that is very helpful.

My other question is: if I set the default time range to last 2 years, and added the date as a control. Is there a way similar to `past 10 days’ or ‘past 10 years’ to select all dates automatically in the control directly by the dashboard user?

Hello @irinaaaaa, my apologies for the delayed response! The best way to handle these date periods would be to use a Relative dates filter type rather than the Date & Time Range. It would still allow you to set the default to the last 2 years up to today. Then it will provide a different style of control for the user with more specific options. This would allow a user to change last 2 years to last 10 easily! I’ll include some screen shots below for reference.

I will mark this as a solution for now, but if you have any follow up questions or concerns please let me know!


Thanks, @DylanM, this is what I’m using right now. But I don’t like it since it posts the likelihood that dashboard authors would need to change the default year to 1 more year every single year to make sure all dates are captured.

So, are there any possible ways to avoid such a likelihood? e.g. flexibility for authors to create a filter that defaults to all data. Meanwhile, allowing the dashboard users the flexibility to choose the relative days/time range that they are interested in.

in this example, I am setting a date range from Aug1, 2023 to today. you may define an earlier start date to make sure included all data.

And user can choose date range or relative year/quarter/month/week/day

I am marking this as solution, please let us know if you have any questions. thanks!