Deleting a visual results in Autosave failed

I have an empty visual which i want deleted:

However every single time i deleted it i get the following:

I click refresh and it reloads with the empty visual (stuck in a loop). I click continue with autosave off but then i cant save anything, and when i try to manually save it, it shows the screenshot and reloads back to the visual still being there. is there a fix for this?

Hi @HarveyB-B,

I faced this issue when I shared the analysis with my team and tried to edit it at the same time. So, I would like to check with you if there are more people working on the same analysis?

If not, just try to add one field to the Pie chart and then delete the visual. You will not get that error again!


Yes it is shared with one other person. Although they do not actively use it or make changes. Only when looking to make sure it looks good.

I have tried adding a field and making a chart and then removing it, but the same error occurs.

I think i will have to publish it as a dashboard, delete the analysis, and then save the dashboard for analysis.

Do you have any filters associated with the visual that you are trying to delete? I see there are no columns added to the axis, but if there are filters scoped at the sheet level, try to delete the visual associated filters first before deleting the visual.

Just realised i was using this graph to create flags for things so i had about 30 filters on it, which makes sense that it breaks whenever i try to remove it. Thanks