Difference Quicksight Reader Access User Pricing/Capacity pricing

Hello dear Quicksight community.

As our company is planning to give access to Quicksight for a bigger amount of employees to view the reports we have in Quicksight, I wanted to see how much we would be expected to pay. I. was looking into Amazon QuickSight Pricing - Business Intelligence Service - Amazon Web Services but it was not really clear to me what the difference between the mentioned “User Pricing” and “Capacity Pricing” was. To be more clear, why would I ever take “Capacity Pricing” for annual sessions being below the 200.000/year treshold ?.

As for User Pricing I would pay 0.30$ per session whereas for the monthly/annual subscription I would pay up to 0.50$ per session ?. Does the capacity pricing session include additional benefits for the normal person who just wants to have a look at our reports ?.

Thank you so much in advance for your help, have a great day !.

There is no difference in benefits for the reader from for Capacity Pricing and User Pricing.

Here is some additional benefits from the Capacity Pricing from the application perspective.

In regards to why you would pay for the annual sessions being below 200,000 a year… I think there could be a situation were you have a lot of readers that charge you more than the $.3 a session in the “User Pricing”. I don’t know the exact math on that but I think that is why.

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Good morning Max,

thanks a lot for your response !. We will probably choose the User Pricing then.

Have a great day