Different Datasets (different structure) with Same Name

Wierdly, it seems that QuickSight currently allows us to have same name for 2 different datasets which is basically creating problems during code promotion from lower environment to higher environment as they are having same names but different IDs. This makes it mandatory to have proper naming standards and conventions to have in place to eliminate such conflicting entries. I thought this should not be even allowed in the first place. Looking forward to your opinion and comments on this observation. Please see the snapshot for reference. Thank you!

You can have any number of datasets with the same name, what is unique is the dataSetId (which is the part of the URL coming after the data-sets


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Thank you @orutra11 for your response. I am aware of the fact that dataset IDs are different. However, wanted to understand if there’s any way in QuickSight which doesn’t allow users to create datasets with same name, as it is creating problem during deployment from lower environment to higher environment. Is there anyway, we can put any hard restriction on that, which will not allow users to do that? We have already established a standard to create datasets with different unique names; however that’s more from a process perspective (and a soft restriction!)

As of now there is no way to enforce that.

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