Discrepancy between table and Line chart

Hello, guess who is back from holidays?

I have the following problem… Here you can see the same visual (I duplicated it) one is the table and the other is a line chart…as you can see the line chart starts from 2023-04-21 instead of 2020-01-00 and I do not understand why…

In the data, I have 2 different granularity: day and hour…if then I select the filter for the day granularity the visual works fine

the coulmn day with hours is a timestamp

any idea of the source of the problem?

the x axis is aggregated by hour in both the cases,
and if I activate both granularity, the visual starts from 2023-04-21
the column day with hour is “timestamp with time zone”

Using another visual this what I discovered:
all the data is shown perfectly

till it arrives at the point where it is collapsed in “Other” where it sums all the data that are not shown…the more I investigate the more complicated it looks…

In fact I create the dataset in Redshift thus is should be consistent across the whole dataset

@remba87 -
The line chart visual supports a maximum of 10,000 data points. I believe at the hour level of granularity you have surpassed the maximum value and that is what is causing the issue. You can see the line chart max data points documented here.

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Hi @Kellie_Burton,

I do not think that is the problem… the days between the data shown (2023-04-23 and 2023-08-05) are 104…if I multiply this value for 24h per day I get 2496 datapoints…that it is way smaller than 10k…


I dis some test, and maybe the porblem is related to the limit as you said…I will investigate more and update

I tried to filter out some hours in the visual and after that, more data points are visible…
if I show only 1 hour of the 24 more x points are visible…however, I still do not understand why If I select all the hours, it shows only around 2496 data points that it is far away to the 10k limit…ay suggestion?

(looks like the limit is 2500 points not 10k like the old limit…)