Dynamically Sharing Paginated Report Templates Across Data Sources?

I am evaluating QuickSight for paginated reports. We have a need to produce a set of standard PDF based forms that have dynamic data in them.

We have multiple separate tenant databases on Aurora.

I was wondering if its possible via the API to create a single Shared Quicksight Paginated report and pass a SQL statement (w/ different database connection details) dynamically to build the report.

Or another option I considered was could I dynamically pass it data in an expected JSON schema that is the result of a query from the source but homogenized into a common format that the template could use?

Thanks in advance! Any advice welcome. I’d rather not go down the route of using Crystal reports with provisioned EC2 instances.

hi @steve.haney,

thank you for posting. you inquiry!

it should be possible to create report sheet via API using the one the one released last November. however the PDF report requires to be schedule in order to generate and this can’t be done via API at this moment unfortunately. so it requires to schedule on the dashboard in UI.

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@Wakana Thanks for the quick reply. Is there an example as it relates to a paginated report? In terms of an ‘on demand’ type generation in the browser could an embedded URL or something be spun up through an API call or something that could accomplish a similar user experience where they could download the PDF report?


hi @steve.haney

if your databases have the same schema across for all the tenants in Aurora, you can actually create a dataset pointing to data source(database in Aurora) and then create another one by copying it but just changing the data source to point. in the similar way, you can create the report sheet(report dashboard) with those datasets. these all can be done with API.

the generating PDF files from the report dashboard as well as downloading the PDFs can’t be done by API. I have noted this in our internal feature request tracker.

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