Feature Request - Expand limit of Visuals for single free-form sheet or Add KPI Matrix

There are use cases when we have multiple verticals with multiple metrics and the business wants to see all metrics as KPIs. Right now there is a max visual limit on the sheet that prevents all vertical/metric pairs to be displayable. It would really help out if the visual count limit could be expanded. Another option would be a new Visual type, something like a KPI matrix would be super helpful as well

Hi @JasonCavnar
Right now the limit is 30 or 50. You already reached that limit?
Maybe you can convince your user to think about clustering the information?

Hi @ErikG
I have tried that already. When we hit the visual limit I converted the data to a pivot table to try and achieve the same result. Our business users did not provide positive feedback on the table because there was too much data and it was hard to pinpoint the differences or make them reasonably stand out because the font size could not be further increased.

In our scenario, I have the KPIs set up to display the difference, with the value and target values in the corners. Then, because our business users want to see difference and percent difference, I duplicate the KPI visual and only have it display the percent difference. This ends up being two visuals per metric. Compound that across five metrics across 4 verticals and we hit that visual limit very quickly. They also want to see the metrics spread across daily, mtd, and ytd so it’s quite the challenge.

And they are looking always into all KPIs at the same time and in comparison? Same for the time granularity?

Based on your explanations, I imagine something like :wink:

Yeah that is pretty much exactly how they want to view the metrics

can i talk to them? :rofl:

that are random KPIs and values but you will not get any insights out of that dashboard. if you start in upper left corner your brain is lost at the upper right.

what about a KPI (“measure to display”) and/or granularity select option?

:rofl: we have text box indicators that organize the metrics by row and by vertical, so there’s some organization happening. A granularity select would be a great idea, but the intention is to email this out to the business users

And they want only one screen instead of one per granularity.