Filter drop-down control based on URL parameter

I’d like to filter a control based on a URL parameter:

example dataset:

TeamID TeamMember
1 Alice
1 Ben
1 Chris
2 Dave
2 Eve
2 Fran

I’d like to have a TeamMember dropdown control filter, but only show relevant TeamMembers based on a TeamID URL parameter.


TeamMember control filter ONLY show Dave, Eve, Fran.

Is this possible?

Hi @Nate,

I would recommend creating a calculated field at the dataset level to parse out the URL parameter to get TeamID and then following the following documentation on cascading filters:

Thanks @Max . In another post, I found the ability to hide controls, if using the free-form style. So I created a control for the parameter and edited the drop-down control to show relevant values only based on the TeamID control.

could you share the post in which you found this solution please