Filter option on Embedded dashboard



We are using Quicksight anonymous embedded dashboard to show on our application.
We are promoting the dashboard manually and recently I have started to see there is an extra filter option on the displayed dashboard. Clicking on that open all the filters which were created in analyses which we don’t want any user to see.

Hello @Sam1, what does the filter option look like and where on the dashboard is it appearing? Are you able to share a screen shot of it without displaying any data you don’t want to share?

Hi @DylanM
It is coming at the right top corner of the dashboard when looking via the application which has embedded it. Attached screenshot

Also if I open the dashboard from the quicksight service I see an extra Filter option as well along with others. Attached

Hello @Sam1, it seems like the filtering functionality may exist within the contentOptions: toolbarOptions: portion of the embedding process. Maybe there is functionality that you added or need to remove from this section. Here is a link to the Developers Portal embedding example where you can add or remove some of that functionality. Maybe try just defining the functions you want to utilize for the anonymous dashboard.

In this embedding-sdk documentation, you can also find the toolbarOptions section to see what you can add into that field.

Let me know if that helps!

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