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I’m building out a dashboard that has two reporting dates, the most recent weeks, and previous weeks. The most recent week has the current data, and previous week has last weeks data. How can I filter the reporting date to always show the most recent date?

Hello @Matthew_Payne , if you are wanting to set a control value or filter to the most recent date, you can use a default for the parameter you are setting.

Create a datetime parameter, you can set the granularity to weeks to match your reporting dates or you can set it as a day. Then set the default date to a relative date, and select Today. That will make sure the most recent date is always the one that will show by default.

You can then take that parameter value and set it to a Dashboard control to change the value based on the options you want the user to have access to. You can also set a filter on the dataset that you can set to match the value set by the parameter.

Here is some QuickSight documentation on Date filters for more information.

If you have any more questions, please let me know!

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