How can I create a date time control that shows me the month?

I’m creating a pivot table and I need to show the monthly information. I already created a datetime control but when I linked this control with my pivot table, it is appearing only the infomation of the first day of each month, not the full month. How can I create a parameter or a control that allows me to type the month and have the information for the entire month?

@pedrohro As of today, its not possible to show only month for the date period in a date filter control. You can create a string calculated field that has the month and year in a desired format and use that to filter the pivot table


Thank you for your help!

By the way, do you know tell me if it is possible to create a custom title for a visual? For example: “XXXX in 2022” and when move to the next year the title change to “XXXX in 2023”?

Hi @pedrohro

Thank you.

Regarding the title,
By “Move to the next year”, do you mean selecting the next year in the filter? In that case you use filters with parameters and display the parameter value in the title. In that case, please create the calculated field for month in the DataSet layer as parameter filters can only link to the dataset fields for value list.

Please refer to the below links for more details.