Unable to call the date parameter in title

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My requirement is, i should be able to perform ‘show relevant values’ on other filter contols upon selecting the dates in the date control and call the date parameter in the title of a table visual.

But the scenario in quicksight is that, if i use parameter based date control, i am unable to see this date contol selection when i try to apply show relevant values on other filter contols.

However, if i use ‘pin the filter to top’ without creating parameter, i am able to see that date filter in the show relevant values list but i need that parameter to be called in a title…since we are not creating parameter i couldn’t call it…any solutions would be appreciated

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Hi. Let me know if this helps.

In the scenario you described, you are facing an issue where you are unable to call the date parameter in the title of a table visual in Amazon QuickSight when using a parameter-based date control. However, when using the “pin the filter to top” option without creating a parameter, you can see the date filter in the “show relevant values” list. Here are a few potential solutions you can consider:

  1. Using calculated fields: Instead of directly calling the date parameter in the title, you can create a calculated field that references the date parameter and use that calculated field in the title. This way, you can leverage the parameter-based date control and still display the selected date in the title. To create a calculated field, go to the Data Prep tab, select your data source, and click on “Add calculated field.”
  2. Utilizing dynamic text: Another option is to use dynamic text in the title of the table visual. You can achieve this by clicking on the “A” icon in the visual editor to access the dynamic text menu. From there, you can select the date parameter and insert it into the title. This way, the title will dynamically update based on the selected date.
  3. Customizing the title using a dashboard-level control: Instead of directly adding the title to the table visual, you can create a separate text box or label in the dashboard. Then, you can use a dashboard-level control, such as a filter control, to capture the date selection. This control can be connected to the date parameter and used to filter the data in the table visual. You can then refer to the dashboard-level control in the title of the table visual to display the selected date.

I hope that one of these solutions will help you achieve your requirement of displaying the selected date from a parameter-based date control in the title of a table visual in Amazon QuickSight.

@rickm but i am not creating any parameter if i directly pin the date filter in the contols section. I have no choice here to call the parameter either in the text box or title or calculated field.

Note: If i create a parameter for date i won’t be able to avail the ‘show relevant values’ feature as it doesn’t shows in the show relevant values of other controls.

If you meant anything different from my understanding, could u pls make it more clear with a few screenshots

I could replicate your experience. To use Show Relevant Values, using parameters won’t work. And you need parameters to show in the title. My workaround does take some ‘work’ but I was able to accomplish the ask. I used the datetime filter control to allow the user selection. In order to get the selected dates to show in the title. I used Free-form layout so I could overlay visuals. I turned on the Subtitle in my pivot table made it large and added a blank row above and below. Added the words To and From in the subtitle with space in between. Then I added 2 new table visuals, applied all the filters that are used on the rest of the visuals and then added another date filter. On one I did ranking Top 1by max Date and the other ranking filter Bottom 1 by min Date. That gives you the range of dates from our date selector. I then took off all the table borders, colors, headers, etc. I could then overlay those 2 ‘tables’ in the subtitle. As I make changes to the date control the subtitle dates update. One screenshot of the Top 1 Filter included as well as screenshot of final.


@lalprasanth Let us know if Kellie’s solution works for you. If it does, can you help the community out by marking it as solution (check box under the reply)? Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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@Kellie_Burton Thank you for your efforts and help, i had the classic layout before, now i have to switch to free- form to implement this (Don’t know how the responsiveness would be for different devices), However the other requirement was to have this date in the title just so whenever the user download the table visual, they get to see this date in the file name and when the open up file name(csv or excel), they see the title along with date…

since we are achieving this date part with different table, when we download the main table visual, don’t think this date add-on to the main table’s title or…can it?

@lalprasanth You are correct, it would not print if you downloaded only the table visual. If you did a print to PDF of the sheet, then it would display as it does on screen.

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@Kristin @Kellie_Burton appreciate your solution, Is there any work around to see the date in the file name and date in the title inside the file after we downloaded in excel or csv.

May be by converting the date into a string and have one more filter…upon selecting the date in the calender the string date filter show only the relevant value. Since we created parameter for date string filter when it show the relevant values it will automatically be pulled into the table title, something like that

You are allowed to select only one day at a time in my date calender…there is no range as such

Our client had the option to see the date in the filename and even inside the file with their previous software, now they are expecting the same with quicksight., therefore, show relevant values between filters also mandatory and should be able to see the date when they downlaod the table in excel…pls share ur thought or any suggestions to achieve this by understanding this scenario. Thanks for the help again.

@Kristin @Kellie_Burton Do we have any solution for the above request? Can u please let me now if there is anything that could be done to show the date in the title of excel or csv files after we download, thanks in advance