Using Parameters and functions in titles and subtitles

can I change default format date parameters in QuickSight so I can use format date function in title or subtitle of objects?
In this case, the date format is used YYYY/MM/DD
I need a format MM/DD/YYYY with text “date range ‘parameterdate1’ and ‘parameterdate2’
I would like to use it for the title and subtitle in the visual.

Hi @Carlos_Ranel I am having the same query thanx for posting it?

Instead of the default Title and Sub-title in analysis, an Insight visual can be created with the Narrative being => “date range ‘parameterdate1’ and ‘parameterdate2’. This Insight can be placed on top of the sheet as Title.

@Carlos_Ranel Can you go through this solution so that you can find out some solutions.

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