Date filter for MONTH: time granularity can't be month?

I have a date field that contains day, month and year.
I would like to filter by month and year and set this directly in the filter, but I am getting only day in time granularity.

Is there another way to be able to filter by month-year? Without having to use two filters and with the months in date order, not alphabetical order.

Thank you.

Are you talking about the format? Adding a filter to the time granularity is the min it can be. However, you can change how people select it.

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Hi Max! Thanks for your answer.
Your solution can work, but I would love to be able to choose between date&time ranges -which in the control translates to a date picker- and a date dropdown control with multiselect while still being able to choose the date format.

I have created a calculated field where I have MMM-YYYY but because it is a string, in the filter control the dates are ordered alphabetically. So for example, in my control Iā€™m getting the date values not in date order but in alphabetical order.

I have managed to solve this by using the month number instead of month name, but again, would be much better to have month name.

Your option is good too, so thank you.

Are you talking about this?


Hey Max,

Yes. I understand that I can change the format, thank you for the information!
I also meant to reference this:

As I am only selecting entire months, it can be confusing to have the calendar view control. I was wondering if there is a way to have a date filter control in some other fashion, such as a dropdown.

Thanks again!

Not currently. I can mark it as a feature request.